Google Customer Reviews will replace Google Trusted Stores for text and Shopping ads

Google Customer Reviews will replace Google Trusted Stores for text and Shopping ads

Last Monday, the Inside AdWords blog announced that Google Trusted Reviews will be replacing their existing Google Trusted Store programme.

As we explained in a previous blog post, Google Trusted Stores instantly makes potential buyers aware that an online store can be trusted by displaying a badge on their ads and website. Available for online retailers, the free feature requires participating retailers to meet certain performance metrics (which are based on customer service, shipping and returns), for this badge to be displayed.

Now, however, Google will be providing better account management tools and insight into your seller rating, as well as offering retailers more ways to customise the Google badge, through the new Trusted Reviews programme.

As Google’s original announcement explains, it’s free and easy to begin collecting reviews. After you’ve signed up and completed a brief set up process, your customers can opt in to receiving an email survey to rate their buying experience. These reviews will then contribute to your seller rating, which is made up of reviews from multiple sources, including independent data providers.

Your seller rating will automatically appear on your Google Shopping and AdWords text ads. However, you’ll also have the option to display this on your website.

According to Google, showing your seller rating on your text ads can boost the click-through-rate (CTR) by up to 10%.

To learn how to enable Google Customer Reviews, check out this post from the Inside AdWords blog.

Google has reduced the number of fake Google Maps listings

Last Thursday, Google also announced that they’ve taken several steps to reduce the number of fake listings appearing in Google Maps. These include not allowing bulk registrations at most addresses, as well as requiring advanced verification for specific business categories.

As a result, Google’s now able to detect and disable 85% of fake listings before they have a chance to appear. They’ve also reduced the number of ‘abusive’ listings by 70% since their peak in June 2015.

Google has reduced the number of fake Google Maps listings

Image source: Search Engine Land

For more information, check out this article from Search Engine Land.

The TJM take: By adopting a similar system as the one used for their Star Ratings, Google has realised that the previous Trusted Store programme was too difficult to maintain and has aimed to bring some coherence to its services.

Google are also realising the increasing importance of personal recommendations, as is evidenced by their switch from the Trusted Stores badge to Customer Reviews. This is something that has also been realised by Facebook, who recently rolled out a recommendation system that’s based on the locations your Friends have visited.

*Main image source: Search Engine Journal

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