Google has begun to roll out a new AdWords interface to advertisers

Google has begun to roll out a new AdWords interface to advertisers

Back in March 2016, Google revealed via the Inside AdWords blog that they would be redesigning the AdWords interface. Due to more searches now being performed on mobile devices than ever before, Google announced that they would be bearing this in mind when reimaging the AdWords experience.

As well as providing better insights into the amount of traffic coming from mobile, Google also wanted the new AdWords interface to enable users to save time by allowing you to build reports and manage ad extensions in one place.

Almost a year after this original announcement, Google will finally begin rolling out the new AdWords interface to all advertisers within the next few months. However, some users will already have access to this, while others will be invited to try it out if they wish.

Those that are already able to use the new interface are encouraged to provide feedback. Google says this will be so that they can further refine the experience and roll it out to more advertisers.

As well as removing the “clutter” and making AdWords quicker and easier to navigate, new insights include a heatmap that show the different times of the day that clicks happen, as well as new Overview Cards for Auction Insights, Locations and more.

Examples of how these Overview Cards will look can be seen below:

Google has begun to roll out a new AdWords interface

Image source: The Inside AdWords blog

The TJM take: Though we haven’t had a chance to test the updated AdWords interface just yet, we’re excited to use the new features and think they look very interesting. The new heatmap, for example, is completely new and will provide some useful insights to prevent you from spending your budget at the wrong times.

We do have one concern, however. While it’s great that Google want to remove the “clutter” (as they call it), what do they mean by this? Our main worry currently is that this includes some of the features we (or you!) will need to use, though we are yet to see if this is the case or not.

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