Google AdWords will introduce ‘parallel tracking’ to help mobile landing pages load faster

Google has announced the incoming release of parallel tracking, a new feature that will “create better user experiences” by increasing the loading speed of mobile landing pages.

As Google explains in their official announcement posted through the Inside AdWords blog, just a one second delay page load speed can decrease conversions by 20%, which can waste your ad spend and have a negative impact on your campaign’s performance. In fact, 53% of website visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

However, with parallel tracking, users will head immediately to your landing page after clicking on an ad as the browser will now process URL tracking requests in the background. According to Google, this change has helped users on slower networks reach landing pages up to several seconds faster.

Google will begin to roll out parallel tracking later this year, and it should be available for all AdWords accounts early next year. If a third-party manages your Google AdWords account, Google advises that you reach out to them as soon as possible to ensure your clicks continue to be measured with parallel tracking, as the changes may take up to several months to complete.

For more information on parallel tracking, check out the official Inside AdWords blog. For guidance on how to prepare for the rollout, visit the AdWords Help Centre.

The TJM take: The proof is in the figures; faster page loading speeds equals lower bounce rates, which will have a positive impact on your conversions. This means that less of your ad spend will be wasted on clicks that don’t convert, which is obviously great news for advertisers.

As Google has advised, it’s important to be prepared for parallel tracking as soon as possible to ensure your clicks continue to be measured accurately. Because of this, we’ll be checking in with our clients to ensure the transition to parallel tracking is as smooth as possible.

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