Google AdWords tests a promotion ad extension, remarketing can now be done retrospectively (it’s like time travel for geeks), and Snapchat provides Geofilters for Foursquare

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Google AdWords tests a Promotion Extension for text ads

Google has started testing a new promotion extension for text ads, Search Engine Land reported last week.

In a Tweet from 14th November, Moz’s Dr. Meyer shared a text ad with four lines of ad extensions. As you can see below, one of these are the so-called ‘Promo’ extension:

AdWords Promotion extension

A screenshot of the 'Promotion' extension in action. Source: Search Engine Land

As the image shows, the promotion extension features the same tag icon that has been available in Google Shopping ads since 2010. It also includes a linked offer and some descriptive text.

Although the official name and rollout date are yet to be announced, it appears that the new ad extension is due to be available on all devices. As Ginny Marvin from Search Engine Land reported, she saw it appear on mobile ad shortly after posting her original article.

The TJM take: We say this time and time again, but the more ad extensions you use in your ad, the better. Not only do they enable you to include more information, resulting in more relevant clicks, but they help to increase your real estate on the page.

As Ginny also points out, the promotion extension is also good news for retailers with frequently changing offers as it can be easily edited without needing to update the ad copy.

Google Analytics introduces ‘look back’ feature for custom audiences

As the TJM team noticed recently, advertisers are now able to look back over previous data when creating custom audience lists in Google Analytics.

With options to look back over 7, 14 or 30 days, you can quickly build lists from the past without needing to wait for data to become available. No more waiting for the list to build! Boom!

Manage your Facebook, Messenger and Instagram interactions in a single inbox

Facebook have announced that they will be making it easier to brands to manage their online interactions through one single inbox for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

As the social media giant reported through the Facebook Business section of their website, the new single inbox enables you to respond to messages, comments and the like from one place; just tap on the content you want to answer.

Additionally, you can use the inbox to easily find out more about the users that interact with your business. Just tap on their name to view your previous interactions with them.

Digital marketing news

Image source: Facebook

Snapchat partners with Foursquare to power location-based Geofilters

Snapchat (sorry, Snap Inc.) are joining forces with Foursquare to access their location data for Geofilters.

Put simply, Geofilters are location-based graphics that can overlaid onto pictures and videos. As the Digital Trends website explains, Foursquare’s data is gathered from GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth signals that help to determine the user’s location. Because of this, their database currently consists of over 87-million places.

This data could be used to power Snapchat’s paid custom Geofilters tool, as well as being used by the likes of restaurant and supermarket chains.

"Consider a surf brand. Now that we’re powering Snapchat Geofilters, the company could offer branded Geofilters at a chain of surf shops or at every beach in the U.S. Or a soda company may now purchase Geofilters across all fast food and convenience store locations.”

Google Tag Manager adds individual codes for iOS and Android

Another update spotted by the TJM team this week is a change to Tag Manager Codes.

It appears that the code (which you would place on a website to enable tracking) is now different for Web, iOS, Android and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

The TJM take: Although we haven’t explored this in much detail yet, we’re assuming the individual codes will be more efficient than the general Tag Manager code you would previously have to implement.

Facebook is scaling back on race-based ad targeting

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that advertisers would no longer be able to utilise racial targeting across the platform.

Following a ProRublica investigation last month, it was revealed that Facebook’s marketing tool featured an option that enabled advertisers to exclude users by “ethnic affinity”. This means that despite Facebook not asking you to specify your race when you sign up, it will instead look at your browsing habits (such as the pages and content you like).

As The Huffington Post explains, this will prevent “ethnic affinity” being used in the targeting of housing, employment and credit based ads.

Erin Egan, the vice president of U.S. public policy at Facebook, said of the issue: “There are many non-discriminatory uses of our ethnic affinity solution in these areas, but we have decided that we can best guard against discrimination by suspending these types of ads.”

The TJM take: It is good to see an element of self-regulation, but this poses serious issues about data is used and who should regulate it or if it can be regulated…

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