Google AdWords introduces customisable dashboards

Google AdWords introduces customisable dashboards

Google has announced the launch of Dashboards, a new solution that will enable AdWords advertisers to easily see their most important data and KPIs in one place.

As Search Engine Land reported last week, Google AdWords users might be doubtful of the difference between the incoming Dashboards, and the existing customisation modules in the “Home” tab of their account. However, the Home’s customisation modules are standardised (meaning you’re only able to choose what you want to see, and where it appears on the page), while Dashboard allows advertisers to create customisable charts and tables.

Similar in appearance to Google Data Studio and the Google Analytics Dashboard, the new Dashboards feature for Google AdWords will “adjust to the data range input”, while making it easier for advertisers to “customise a unique look that matters to them”.

Google AdWords introduces customisable dashboards

Although no official date for the new feature has been announced, new Google AdWords Dashboards are due to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

For more information, check out the official blog post or the tour of Dashboards.

The TJM take: The new Dashboards for AdWords will bring reports and insights together, and it looks like it will be very similar to the Analytics dashboard.

As a digital marketing agency, this is something we’re very excited about, because it appears as though this new feature will enable us to set-up unique and specific reporting for each of our individual clients. This will allow us to provide a more customised service, and really focus on their most important KPIs; we look forward to using it to its full advantage when it’s rolled out in the coming weeks!

*Image source: Inside AdWords

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