Following the lead of Google: Bing to repeat description line in adverts

Following the lead of Google: Bing to repeat description line in adverts

Bing and Yahoo, two of Google’s leading competitors, have taken inspiration from the search engine giant by featuring description lines in the titles of their paid adverts.

Implemented last year, the updates enabled Bing and Yahoo to repeat description line 1 in the ad title, providing the search engines recognised these descriptions as being distinct sentences. Traditionally, however, description line 1 would remain as a sentence in the main ad copy.

So, how are Bing and Yahoo now recognising these?

Like Google AdWords, punctuation is key. Basically, by simply ending description line 1 with a full-stop or exclamation mark, it’s made clear to the search engine (whether it be Google, Yahoo or Bing) that your ad copy contains more than one sentence, allowing them to be split.

Additionally, as Google AdWords also enables paid adverts to have two separate description lines, this is the same way that Google determines how to split the copy.

Now that we know how it works, what does this description line update mean for the advertiser?

There are actually many advantages for the Bing Ads user. Firstly, having an extended title will ensure your advert takes up as much room as possible on the page, being more likely to stand out to searchers than those that did not take advantage of the updated feature.

Not only that, but by repeating the copy, the searched keyword will also appear in bold text more than once in the search results list, making your advert stand out even more amongst your competitors.

In fact, the update has already been proven to have generated results. A spokesperson from Microsoft told Search Engine Land:

“We are constantly evaluating opportunities to increase click volume for our customers around optimal Long Ad Title treatments while retaining the advertisers message. While individual advertiser results may vary, in general we are seeing Bing Ads Long Ad Titles treatments improve ad CTR by 10-15 percent”.

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Image source: PPC Hero

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