Google issues final warning for “Not Secure” label to appear in the Chrome browser

Google issues final warning for “Not Secure” label to appear in the Chrome browser

Earlier this year, we reported that Google’s Chrome browser would start to mark websites with a “Not Secure” Label if they don’t have HTTPS. They’ve previously hinted that making your website secure by migrating it to HTTPS will boost your ranking in Google’s search results.

Originally, the label was due to be rolled out alongside a new Google ranking algorithm update in July 2018. This week, however, Google has announced that the “Not Secure” label will appear in Chrome’s browser bar in October 2018.

Currently, Google displays a green “Secure” label in the browser bar for websites with HTTPS. This will be removed in September 2018, leaving just the padlock icon. This is because more and more websites are becoming secure, and Google wants to make standard for all websites to have HTTPS.

Though you may not think you need HTTPS if you don’t have an ecommerce website, you should have it if people are required to provide any personal information on your website. For example, if you ask people to sign-up for your newsletter onsite. If people see a prominent red “Not Secure” label, it could cause them to bounce off your website before completing any actions.

Want to ensure your website is secure? Check out our quick guide to migrating your website to HTTPS from HTTP.

*Image source: The Verge

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