Facebook will rank videos in the News Feed based on ‘completion rates’

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Facebook will rank videos in the News Feed based on ‘completion rates’

Last week, Facebook revealed via their Newsroom that they’d be changing the way videos are ranked in a user’s News Feed to ensure it “surfaces the most relevant videos”.

Following previous updates that consider the actions users take on videos, the platform will now begin to rank videos based on the “percent completion” (or “percentage watched”, in simpler terms). As the official announcement explains, the more of a video you watch, the better insight they get on whether you enjoyed the video and the type of content you’ll want to see more of.

Facebook also points out that because watching a long video to the end takes more commitment than finishing a shorter one, they want to avoid penalising longer videos where possible. Therefore, percent completion will be weighted more heavily the longer a video is.

However, it’s important to note that shorter videos may see a slight dip in the News Feed distribution because of this. Nonetheless, it’s still vital to remember that a video won’t perform better just because it’s longer.

According to Facebook, this change will be rolled out over the coming weeks. As of 27th January, 2017, they said that the new ranking will only apply to organic videos (and not video ads).

The TJM take: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; 2017 is going to be the year of video. In fact, images, videos, and questions were revealed to be the most engaging content shared on Facebook in 2016.

The takeaway from this ranking update is simple; invest in video, but make sure it’s of a high quality, has a reason to watch to the end (perhaps articulating this in the header) or contains cats!

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