Facebook updates Adverts Manager app with new tools

Facebook updates Adverts Manager app with new tools

To help small businesses thrive, Facebook is updating the Adverts Manager app with several new tools for its users.

The new features (which will be available for both Facebook and Instagram advertisers), include improved navigation, as well as simplified communications, and better resources for small business owners.

As the Facebook Business blog explains in their official announcement, advertisers can now save time by seeing a snapshot of how their adverts or account has performed in just a few taps. They will also be able to easily compare up to five adverts side by side.

To improve your adverts’ performance, Facebook will recommend certain actions you can take, and you’ll be able to complete these actions (if desired) in just one click. You’ll also receive notifications for relevant interests to add to your targeting criteria, as well as being able to duplicate high-performing ads that have recently ended.

In terms of resources, Facebook has launched a Mobile Studio to show businesses ‘how easy it is to create great adverts using only a mobile device’, while continuously adding new eLearning courses for advertisers to access. These include Facebook Terminology, A/B Testing, and Successful Campaigns Best Practices.

Additionally, the creation of the new Facebook Small Business Council will enable business owners to read ‘stories of dedication, passion and resilience from more than 40 businesses across a variety of industries and geographies’.

Following the announcement of a single inbox in November 2016, Facebook will also be expanding these capabilities to desktop. This means that communications across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram can now be managed within the Pages Manager app, while the likes of ‘international lookalikes’ and ‘country snapshots and insights playbook’ allow for more advanced targeting options.

For more information on the updates to the Adverts Manager, check out the original announcement from the Facebook Business blog.

The TJM take: Optimisation can only be a good thing, and we’re keen to test the new options for users to quickly compare up to five of their adverts side by side. This will hopefully give useful insights into what’s performing well and what isn’t, enabling advertisers to get the most out of their ad spend.

We’re also very interested to test the accuracy of the newly introduced recommended actions, as well as the targeting suggestions in more detail. Watch this space!

*Image source: the Facebook Business blog

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