Facebook Pixel will start collecting more information from websites

Facebook Pixel will start collecting more information from websites

Facebook will be enhancing its Pixel to improve the delivery and performance of ads on the platform.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website that enables you to measure, optimise and build audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns. It uses the actions people take on your website to create more effective ad campaigns (for example, by creating Custom Audiences to retarget people based on their actions).

As AdWeek reports, the enhanced Pixel will start sending additional event data, including button clicks and related page metadata. According to Facebook’s announcement, actions will also include “add to cart” and “purchase clicks” and “information from your page’s structure to better understand context associated with these actions.”

If you created your Facebook Pixel before 20th April, you will notice these changes from Saturday, 20th May. However, if your Pixel was created after on or after this date, the changes will have already gone into effect.

The TJM take: We can see this being a very good move for Facebook as the enhanced Pixel will provide more information for advertisers to improve their campaigns. Therefore, it will enable the platform to provide more value than it is already.

By doing this, Facebook is quickly becoming a ‘one stop shop’ for both regular users and advertisers. Google; we recommend watching this competitor closely…

*Image source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions blog

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