‘Paid’ off! Facebook offers branded content to more businesses and adds ‘Paid’ label

'Paid' off! Facebook offers branded content to more businesses and adds ‘Paid’ label

A year on from first allowing verified ‘Page’ owners to run branded content across the platform, Facebook is now offering this service to even more publishers.

Facebook has also announced that they will be adding a ‘Paid’ label to posts that contain branded content, such as text, images, videos (including live videos), Instant Articles, and links. This is because (by law) any branded, sponsored or other paid-for content needs to be clearly identified as such.

Facebook offers branded content to more businesses

Image source: Marketing Land

As Marketing Land reports, up until now, only verified Pages and Profiles could share branded content on the platform. However, the capability will now also be open to unverified Pages; all the Page owner needs to do is contact Facebook to request access to the branded content tool.

Once this has been granted, the Page owner will receive a notification, and be able to access the branded content tool in the post composer. Additionally, Facebook will automatically rollout the tool to Pages that are likely to take advantage of using it.

As well as introducing a ‘Paid’ label to indicate an “exchange of value between the Page and a third party”, logos, watermarks, and graphical overlays will now also be permitted throughout the entirety of a video. Previously, they were unable to be shown during the first three seconds.

The TJM take: By opening up branded content opportunities for more publishers, Facebook are definitely on the right track if they want to generate more revenue; but with such strict guidelines concerning paid-for content (as is evidenced in the introduction of the new ‘Paid’ label), will owners of unverified Facebook Pages for smaller companies be keen to test the waters?

Nonetheless, we can see the new tool being welcomed with open arms by bloggers, YouTubers, and other online influencers; after all, sponsored content is one of their primary revenue streams, alongside adverts.

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