Facebook introduces automatic subtitles for brand videos

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Facebook introduces automatic subtitles for brand videos

Following the launch of auto-play videos in late 2013, Facebook is now helping brands adapt to silent-until-clicked videos with the recent introduction of automatic subtitling.

The new feature, which is an expansion of auto-captioning for video ads (which became available last February) aims to help brand Pages utilise video without sound. With automatic subtitling, it is hoped that users will be more inclined to watch videos on Facebook, even if they happen to be out-and-about without headphones.

As Tech Crunch outlines in their article, automatic subtitles will be very simple to implement. When a Page admin uploads a video, they’ll see a ‘Generate’ button instantly in the video editor, or above the video when it appears in the newsfeed. When clicked, Facebook will break down the subtitles snippet by snippet. This ensures they’re more accurate by allowing you to review Facebook’s suggestions and edit the captions before saving.

Facebook introduces automatic subtitles

Image sources: Tech Crunch

Currently, this feature is only available for brand pages. However, Facebook has refused to comment whether it will be rolled out to user generated videos.

The TJM take: It's best practice, but it's DULL to title videos – this should help!

Since the original roll out of silent-until-clicked videos on Facebook, it has been difficult for advertisers to grab the attention of users on-to-go. As we’ve already touched on, there’s little more awkward than accidentally playing a video with sound in a public setting, so many will simply scroll past them if they don’t have a pair of headphones to hand.

This should make people engage and save for later if they like it.

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