Facebook adds new “Discover People” feature: is the social network becoming the next Tinder?

Facebook adds new “Discover People” feature: is the social network becoming the next Tinder?

Facebook is in the process of rolling out “Discover People”, a new mobile feature that will enable users to introduce themselves to people that aren’t already on their friends list.

As well as enabling you to see a list of current events other Facebook users are attending, you will be able to find others that live in your town or share the same employer in your location. As Tech Crunch explains, these capabilities offer the possibility for the Discover People feature to be used for business networking or even dating.

Tech Crunch goes on to add that if the new feature is available to you, it can be found in the navigation section below Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby Places, and more. As they also point out, this is where new features are typically placed when they’re still in the process of being tested.

To start using the feature, you will first be encouraged to introduce yourself. This will involve Facebook asking you to update various sections of your existing profile (including writing a short bio and adding featured photos).

Facebook adds new Discover People feature 2

Image source: Tech Crunch

Facebook has confirmed to Tech Crunch that they’ve started to roll out the feature to Android and iOS users. However, not everyone has access at this point.

The TJM take: Is Facebook trying to rival LinkedIn? With the ability to discover those that work for the same employer, it’s not that unlikely that they’re trying to expand to this audience. Nonetheless, with most people associating Facebook with out of work socialising, we think it’s more likely that this new feature will be used as more of a ‘second Tinder’…

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