We are on a mission: To make everyone do (and understand) marketing better in 2018!

We are on a mission: To make everyone do (and understand) marketing better in 2018!

Here's how we are going to do it:

Tech Treats: these are our weekly newsletter that keeps everyone up to date with the important developments in marketing. We have a whole team that is tasked with rounding up all the important changes so you can stay ahead of the competition (and maybe your boss!)

Elevate Cardiff Workshops: These have really taken off! We love them, you love them. Your bottom line will love them! We are running monthly workshops where company owners and senior marketing professionals can meet, brainstorm, and get free advice from our fantastic team.  You will also have the chance to meet other professionals and win some great prizes like free marketing (!), the latest tech, and mugs (don’t forget the mugs!)

Strategy meetings: We love marketing. We love interrogating facts and figures. We love coming up with ideas and bouncing them off the ceiling! If you are looking at your marketing in 2017 and wondering if you could be doing it better in 2018 then we want to hear from you. The first meeting and reviews are free and if you don’t think we are the ones to make your marketing rock and/or roll in 2018 then you will at least be left with some great ideas.

Doing great marketing is more fun. It produces better results; and having better marketing teams raises the profile of marketing within businesses.

So, how do you take advantage of all this goodness?

1. Sign up to Tech Treats using the form below

2. Book into the workshops here

3. Hold on to your pants and book in a strategy session by emailing us hello@trafficjammedia.co

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PS: you can let go of your pants now…

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