Digital Marketing Workshop round-up: Google Business Listings and SEO

Digital Marketing Workshop round-up: Google Business Listings and SEO

Every month, the Traffic Jam Media team delivers an interactive digital marketing workshop in Cardiff.  Topics range from Social Media, to tracking, and SEO to marketing for local business. The workshops are run with groups of 3-4 business collaborating and designed to give attendees to the tools to go back and deliver impactful change to their business.

The sessions are always kicked off with a guest speaker. Previous speakers have included Sky Media, Creditsafe and the local ‘Repair Café! We then finish with a quiz, with the opportunity to win free Traffic Jam Media time. Cracking!

Traffic Jam Media workshop - Repair Cafe (2)

Joe from Repair Cafe shares his knowledge with the workshop attendees

In June’s workshop, we taught our attendees how to make the most of their Google My Business Listings, as well as how to use various website performance testing tools and Gmail custom audiences to target online ads.

Missed our last workshop, or simply want to recap on what we covered in the session? Check out our round-up below of June’s digital marketing workshop below…

  • Google My Business is a free online listing for your business, and this will appear in the Google search results. These listings appear when people search for nearby businesses, or businesses that are located in a specific area (e.g. a town or city).
  • It’s important that you get the basics right when completing your Google My Business profile. Make sure your company name, telephone number and address(es) are correct and consistent with other online locations (such as your website and social media pages), so that Google can determine that your business is real and local.
  • If relevant to your business, Use Google My Business’s booking button feature to make it quick and easy for clients to make appointments.

"If you have multiple locations, add your company information to as many listings as possible." - Telco Compare

  • Encourage happy customers to leave a review on your Google My Business listing; people are more likely to trust them, and they improve your online exposure and local SEO.
  • Embed Google Maps on your website to help customers find your premises and make it easier for Google to verify your business’s location.
  • Custom audiences in Google AdWords (now simply called ‘Google Ads’) enable advertisers to upload their own customer data for ad targeting, including Gmail This data can then be used to retarget these users in various places, including the Gmail platform.
  • Custom audiences allow for retargeting advertising, which means that your adverts are shown to the people that have completed a certain action (such as visiting a page on your website).
  • Email ads can be scheduled (which helps you to be in the right place at the right time) and you can track metrics such as reach, open rate, email saves and forwards, producing insightful data on your intended audience.
  • Gmail is very underused, and this can work in your favour; you can normally get vouchers from Google that match the budget you spend up to £225.
  • The user experience (UX) of your website is extremely important; people have come to expect a fast and reliable experience, as well as an interface that’s simple to navigate. If a website is too difficult to use or it takes too long to load, then visitors won’t hang around; in fact, Google has found that 50% of users expect a website to load in under 2 seconds.
  • Some of the website testing tools we recommend are PageSpeed Insights (to test how quickly a website’s pages load on desktop and mobile), Mobile-Friendly Test (to see if your website is easy to use on a mobile device), and Google Test My Site (to test your website’s performance across different devices, as well as provide guidance on any errors you need to fix).
  • Render testing is also important, as this will let you see how your website looks and performs on a number of different mobile devices.

Our next workshop, Big Trouble in Little Cardiff will give you an insight into targeting local customers with digital marketing and will feature a guest speaker from Paperclip. The session will be held at the Clayton Hotel on Thursday, 26th June.

Contact us to find out more about the event, or purchase your ticket to reserve your place.