Digital marketing news update: Google AdWords introduces reporting for null Quality Scores and LinkedIn launches conversion tracking

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Google AdWords introduces reporting for null Quality Scores

From the beginning of this week, Google AdWords will report on null Quality Scores for new keywords and those that are lacking recent click and impression data.

As Search Engine Journal explains, your Quality Score is based on a range of factors and indicates how well your advert is performing. This is scored between 1 and 10, with 10 being the best result you can achieve. Up until now, AdWords would default to a score of ‘6’ if it was unable to calculate an accurate Quality Score.

After this week’s update, dashes will be displayed instead of the Quality Score if your keywords haven’t had enough recent activity to report on. However, it’s important to remember that null Quality Scores will be automatically excluded from automatic reports. To avoid this happening, you will need to check an option to display keywords with your chosen Quality Score range.

The TJM take: This is a big update with one simple aim: to make reporting more accurate for AdWords users. This, of course, can only be a good thing, and we’re keen to see what effect it has.

LinkedIn launches conversation tracking for adverts and Sponsored Content

Last week, LinkedIn announced that they would be giving advertisers more ways to track their ads and sponsored content with conversion tracking.

According to LinkedIn, conversion tracking is a ‘set of capabilities’ that will make it easier for users to measure the results of their Text Ads and Sponsored Content. Built directly into the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you’ll be able to measure metrics such as leads, sign-ups, content downloads and purchases.

Advertisers will also be able to get more insight into their audiences’ industries, job function, seniority and company size, as well as work out their conversion count and cost-per-conversion.

The TJM take: We’re happy to see Microsoft is finally investing in the platform as conversion tracking is well overdue! With LinkedIn’s reach of around 450 million users, the untapped potential is huge. Now when can we start uploading emails and (heaven forbid) mobiles?

Google updates AdWords preview tool for expanded text ads

Following the roll out of expanded text ads, Google has updated its preview tool for AdWords users.

The update, which has been applied to the web interface, has separate views for desktop and mobile, as well as a section for viewing example adverts (including the newly available expanded text ads).

As Search Engine Land reports, the new AdWords interface will provide a better indication of whether an advert’s text will be truncated (aka, cut off). An example of this happening can be seen in the below image:

Expanded text ads AdWords preview update

Image of a truncated expanded text ad preview in AdWords. Source: Search Engine Land

The TJM take: Although truncation isn’t that likely to happen to most advertisers, we still welcome a tool that makes it quicker and easier avoid. Ensuring the whole of your message is seen is essential for ensuring the best results (and Return on Investment).

LinkedIn updates its desktop publishing experience

On 8th September, LinkedIn rolled out a new desktop publishing experience for its 450 million users.

The updated ‘publishing experience’, which enables users to publish and share content with others on the platform, features an enhanced full-width layout, as well as the capability to add, move and resize multimedia such as images and videos.

Hashtags can also be added to published articles, making it easier for users to find the content they’re interested in.

Although the enhanced publishing experience is only available to US users at the moment, it will soon be released worldwide. For more information, check out the original article from LinkedIn.

The TJM take: As the existing publishing feature already has great potential to engage users as part of a wider link building strategy, we're glad this is has finally been given some attention, though there's nothing too ground-breaking about hashtags and a new layout...

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