Facebook finally introduces Campaign Planner, while LinkedIn releases new mobile app features

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Facebook introduces a Campaign Planner tool for advertisers

This month, Facebook introduced a Campaign Planner feature for the platform’s Business Managers.

As the Adweek’s SocialTimes has reported, the new Campaign Planner will enable advertisers to better plan their ad campaigns by providing predictions for their reach and frequency. These predictions can then be shared with others through a link or email.

Although details on the tool are limited, a few screenshots of how the Campaign Planner looks can be found below:

Facebook Campaign Planner - Digital Marketing News Update

Facebook Campaign Planner - Digital Marketing News Update

Screenshots of the Facebook Campaign Planner. Source: Adweek's SocialTimes

Google plans to index desktop and mobile search results separately

In a bid to push mobile search, Google will start indexing desktop and mobile search results separately. This means that while there will be a new mobile index that will be rapidly updated, there will also be a secondary index for desktop browsing.

Although an official date for this change hasn’t yet been announced, Gary Illyes, a Google webmaster trends analyst, has revealed that it will be implemented in a matter of months.

For more information on the search indexing split, check out this article from The Guardian.

The TJM take: As Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Land has concluded, this change will allow Google to rank ‘pure’ mobile content, rather than basing mobile rankings on the desktop version of a website. Although this is a good step for ensuring the web becomes more mobile-friendly, one clear implication is that the desktop index could quickly become outdated.

However, with research finding that 40% of searchers now only use smartphones, we’re not surprised Google is placing so much emphasis on improving the mobile experience…

LinkedIn rolls out 3 new features for their mobile app

To enable you to “tap your way to success”, LinkedIn has announced the release of 3 new features for their mobile app.

Following a revamp of the LinkedIn feed (which has spanned the past few months), users will now be able to tailor the content they see on mobile to their specific interests.

How will this be achieved? As well as having the option to ‘hide’ updates from your connections, users will also be able to tap the 3 dots on the top right of any post to determine what they will and won’t see in their feed.

Other updates include the introduction of a new search box that enables users to find content by topic or hashtag, and a bookmark icon that lets you save interesting articles for later.

The TJM take: Despite being popular on other social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+), LinkedIn’s first dabble into hashtags (back in 2013) proved to have a poor user response.  Our gut feel is that the LinkedIn user base may now be more receptive to them.

Google Search Console now has an AMP testing tool

Last week, the Google Webmaster Central Blog announced that Search Console now has a testing tool for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

This new enhanced tool, which is mobile-friendly, has been introduced to ensure AMP implementation is working correctly. Using Google's live web-search infrastructure to analyses the AMP page with the real Googlebot, it tests the page’s markup and any structured data on the page.

If any issues are found, they can be clicked on to provide more details. A share button also allows you to share a screenshot of the results, enabling them to be shared and fixed more quickly.

The TJM take: If you’re not already using AMP, then we’d definitely recommend you start looking into it. This is something we plan to discuss with our clients in more detail in the coming months.

Facebook suspends ads in Thailand to honour late King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Facebook has temporarily blocked ads in Thailand following the death of the beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Thursday.

As The Next Web reports, this is the first time Facebook has imposed an ad block on an entire country, though it won’t affect any others. Additionally, although Facebook hasn’t announced how long the ad block will last, the country has entered a year-long period of mourning.

If any of our readers can confirm the logic of ‘=If(King>1,adverts,Noadverts)’ please do get in touch – we are stumped!

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