Digital marketing news: Google Keyword Planner limits data for low spending advertisers

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Facebook plans to show ads to desktop users of Adblock

Facebook has updated its advert format to ensure ads are automatically shown to desktop users- even if they already have ad blocking software installed (such as Adblock).

As The Register explains, by including a ‘sponsored’ label and making ads appear to be standard posts, Facebook was able to ‘fool’ Adblock when the update first came into play last Tuesday. This coincided with Facebook giving users more control over their ad preferences and the types of ads they see.

Within a few hours of the announcement, Adblock Plus reacted by blocking Facebook’s new ad format. Facebook then updated their website to counter the new block. However, it was announced on Friday that Adblock Plus would again be filtering out Facebook ads.

As of 15th August 2016, it appears that Facebook’s new ad format is still being blocked by Adblock Plus.

The TJM take: If the service is free, then you are the product!

Despite Adblock calling Facebook’s new ads ‘anti-user’, this isn’t strictly true- they have attempted to put some power back into users’ hands through the introduction of their ad preferences tool. This is pretty good news for advertisers as it helps to ensure their adverts are only shown to users that are likely to convert.

Nonetheless, this is an on-going battle and we’re keen to see how it plays out!

Google Keyword Planner will show limited data to lower spending advertisers

Does your business spend a lot on Google AdWords advertising? If not, then you may be disappointed with this next piece of news. As Search Engine Land reported last week, a number of marketers noticed that Google’s Keyword Planner has been displaying ranged data for search volumes.

It has since been determined that the range being displayed in Keyword Planner is determined by an advertiser’s average monthly spend. The ranges are as follows:

  • 1-100
  • 100-1K
  • 1K-10K
  • 10K-100K
  • 100K-1M
  • 1M+

Google has confirmed that although most users will be able to view search volume data as usual, those with a ‘lower monthly spend’ will have limited access to Keyword Planner data.

It also appears that advertisers need an active campaign in order to use the Google Keyword Planner.

The TJM take: Unfortunately, lower spending advertisers are expected to have very limited access to data, but it’s too early to determine what overall effect this will have (besides from advertisers feeling pressured to spend more).

We'll be asking the important questions with our account manager and will update our clients on this!

Facebook makes it easier for users to navigate 360-degree videos

With its latest update, Facebook has made it easier for users to navigate 360-degree videos and focus on the parts that will interest their viewers the most.

Using the new guide feature (which is indicated by a circular symbol), users can select the specific area of the clip for the video to focus on. Although this is automatic, it can be switched off by the viewer if they would prefer to navigate the video by themselves.

As well as this easier navigation, video publishers will also be provided with new analytics tools. These include ‘Heatmap’, a feature that tracks which part of a 360-degree video has been viewed the most. This, however, is only available for videos that have had over 50,000 views.

The TJM take: If you hadn’t noticed, this is really cool. Sadly, it is probably going to miss anyone without a 3D camera. Aw shucks!

Facebook has been continuously focusing its efforts on video, and we’re not surprised- recent statistics have shown that online videos are now the preferred viewing medium over television.

We’re excited to see how advertisers use this to their advantage!

What’s new in Google AdWords this month?

Did you know? The AdWords Help section of the Google website publishes the latest Google AdWords news and features so that it’s easily accessible for advertisers.

It also features handy links to the Help Centre and Blog to ensure the easy implementation of any new features. Some of the most recent updates include cross-device attribution, AdWords Editor 11.5 and expanded text ads.

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