We’re sorry to break it to you; nobody is reading your blog or watching your video

We’re sorry to break it to you; nobody is reading your blog or watching your video

That’s sad, isn’t it? Nonetheless, we speak with a lot of companies that spend huge sums of money on creating great content that is not seen by anyone.

It’s incredible. Companies’ employees will spend days pulling together testimonials, and thousands of pounds making quality production videos. This is while an ad agency carefully curates a blog for them. Unfortunately, the views are minuscule.

The biggest lesson 2018 will teach us (if we didn’t get the memo in 2017) is that all of us we need to pay for an audience at least some of the time.

When we speak with our clients, we recommend spending £5 on distributing content for every £1 you spend creating it. For many this is a shock, but when you explain that if you have spent £2,000 on the video for only 50 people to have seen it, the idea of paying 10p a view seems quite attractive!

The 5:1 ratio is just a guideline, and investment will vary between industries and types of content. But if you are able to budget at this level, then you can be sure that the content will be put in front of the right people.

The usual objections, from the usual suspects:

From the business owner…

“Likes don’t generate sales.”

Perhaps you’re right and they don’t… at least not immediately. However, you can target your content to have a whole variety of outcomes, not just ‘likes’ or followers. Double check their understanding of attribution modelling before you give this one up.

From that fancy-pants branding agency...

“Great content will go viral on its own, invest the budget with us.”

Maybe in 2012. But are you sending rockets into space? if the answer is ‘no’, then your content has as much chance of going viral as Elon Musk does of ever seeing that Roadster again.

From your boss...

“We have no budget for it.”

For just £100 per month? Ouch. Can you at least test it for 3 months?

From that Sales Director...

“Nah, we tried it and it didn’t work. People don’t buy gubbins from Facebook.”

There are loads more targeting options to choose from now. With Remarketing or Custom Audiences, you are preaching to the choir. These are some of the best possible people to be communicating with.

The 5-step process to proving you should spend budget on content distribution

1. Pick the audience: do you have existing data you can match to Facebook and LinkedIn? Do you want to attract new customers that have never heard of you? Alternatively, have you got some people in mind already? Great, now make sure you can target them!

2. Work out what your target personas are interested in. Is it a price lead? More information? A competition?

3. Either find something that exists already (remember that video with just 47 views?), or create something that will pique their interest. Just don’t spend all the budget on this step!

4. Build the campaigns, track them properly, sit back and re…test a different creative or audience segment (we didn’t say this was easy, did we?)

5. Do a happy dance.

Remember that content can come in many shapes and sizes, and there are plenty of useful and helpful guides out there. Here is a good one for designers from IFL Review >>> GUIDE HERE

If you want to know more about using paid social media to distribute your content then why not come to our free Digital Marketing Workshop in Cardiff on the 28th February? Alternatively, why not book a call in with our team?’