Breaking digital news: Arnold Schwarzenegger kills Mark Zuckerberg tomorrow!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger kills Mark Zuckerberg… tomorrow. Maybe.

Following accusations of left-wing bias, the Facebook Trending feature will become more automated. What could possibly go wrong? Well, within hours of the new feature going live, Facebook had ‘trended’ a false news story… false and libelous... like this one!

The TJM take: We feel that Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to come back and kill Mark Zuckerberg. To stop Skynet. Tomorrow.

Disclaimer: whilst we can’t be sure Zucks won’t be Terminated tomorrow, we feel it is unlikely and think he is a nice clever man who deserves to live.

For those with a little nostalgia, check out this video...

Google announces two new changes to mobile search results

To further improve the user experience for mobile users, Google will be making two changes to mobile search results.

Firstly, Google will be removing the ‘mobile-friendly’ label from search results. Although this was only introduced two years ago, 85% of pages that appear in Google’s search results now display the mobile-friendly label. As a result, it will be removed to make the search results page less cluttered.

As part of the second update, Google will be focusing on the effect ‘intrusive interstitials’ have on the mobile user’s experience. It has been confirmed that from 10th January 2017, webpages with content that is obscured by interstitials may not rank as highly in search engine results.

One example of an intrusive interstitial is a pop-up that appears immediately after the user navigates to a page and covers a large portion of the content. For more examples of intrusive interstitials, check out the Google Webmaster Central Blog.

The TJM take: Although the mobile-friendly label is being removed, your website’s mobile-friendliness will still impact your ranking in Google’s search results. Therefore, you should still ensure your website is up to scratch with the mobile-friendly test. The fact that most of your competitors are mobile friendly is going to be giving your organic rankings a real kicking… sort it out!

Additionally, while intrusive interstitials are just one factor that can affect search engine rankings, we still recommend checking any pop-ups that could annoy users and affect your website’s bounce rate.

Bing brings new music, video and maps features for its search app

Last week, Bing announced that the latest version of their search app will include new music and video features, as well as additional map options for users.

Version 6.7.2 of the Bing app, which is available for both iOS and Android, will now play music videos directly in the search results with the lyrics listed underneath. It can also provide users with the name of a song if it is playing.

Further updates include a new “reading mode”, the ability to see your search history on other logged in devices and an option to add movie titles to your Netflix and Amazon Prime watch lists directly from the app’s Movies page.

The TJM take: These are interesting updates that are geared towards improving the user experience. We’re keen to see them in action!

24% of marketing emails don’t reach a user’s main inbox, new statistics reveal

Return Path has found that in the second quarter of 2016, 24% of email communications from brands were not delivered to a user’s main inbox.

Examining data from its Consumer Network (which tracks the behaviour of those that use AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, or as their email service provider), Return path discovered that 76% of marketing emails sent globally were successfully delivered to the main inbox. However, while 7% were delivered to the spam folder, 18% went missing.

For more information, check out Marketing Profs’ article.

The TJM take:  Make sure you do email right and don’t get black listed!  Best practice, best practice best practice!

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