Audience Lists can now be applied at Campaign level in Google AdWords

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Audience Lists can now be applied at Campaign level in Google AdWords

Good news for Google AdWords advertisers; you’ll now be able to save time by applying audience lists at campaign level.

For the unfamiliar, audience lists (such as those generated by remarketing lists and Customer Match) allow advertisers to target users across different platforms. It does this by taking the information each user shares with the original platform (for example, Google) and matching it across other platforms.

Previously, applying audience lists had to be done for every single ad group. As Search Engine Journal reports, Google suggests advertisers will be able to make more informed decisions at campaign level.

The TJM take: We already use this functionality in Facebook, though we will also be testing it in Google AdWords to see how it performs in comparison. However, the match rate will be much lower in Google AdWords as not everyone signs into their Google account before they search for something.  Perhaps the recent LinkedIn acquisition will be helpful in resolving this?

Flash is no longer supported in Google Chrome

Google will be blocking Adobe Flash Player content, with HTML5 due to become the default player for website content over the next few months.

As The Verge explains, “this means that unless a website has an HTML5 content player, video content will not automatically display. All Flash content will be blocked, unless users manually enable it.”

Although it’s in beta, it’s been reported that every user should have an updated version of Chrome by February next year.

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