April 22nd Google AdWords Update: Evolution on Steroids

April 22nd Google AdWords Update: Evolution on Steroids

The Speculation is over

The last few days have been bubbling with anticipation of what Google’s April 22nd update would be. Speculation over if it would remove functionality, change the bid system so that keywords were no longer the primary search driver or systemically change AdWords forever have been proved wrong.

This is an evolution rather than revolution, but evolution at a phenomenal pace.

The changes are going to be done in small chunks, over several months – think Agile deployment methodology.

The updates will also be in addition to the existing features – no ‘old’ features will be retired, but will likely become obsolete before extinction somewhere in the not too distant future.

Enterprise Class Tools – Evolution on Warp Drive

English Trekkies, will enjoy the name. Even SME companies will enjoy the benefits.

Google have launched a suite of tools designed to bridge the gap between manually managed campaigns and companies that use Kenshoo or Marin. This will enable quicker campaign changes, automated bidding as well as much greater depth of analysis.

We recently looked at investing in Tableau (http://www.tableausoftware.com/) as a reporting aid for our clients, gut feel is now to hold tight and see if these deliver this functionality.

Google are also building a sandbox environment ‘Your Own Lab’ allowing testing on real data before changes are made live. Cue an influx of analysis roles to PPC…

Mobile Me Up Scotty

Following a $22bn fall in Google’s net worth last week following below par quarterly results, much of the investors angst was placed on poor mobile penetration. Google have delivered an update that, while hard to quantify immediately, looks like it means to reverse this trend.

Enter App promotion Ad Format. By tracking what Apps you have, and more importantly use on your mobile; Google can target users based on how they use their mobile. Traders regularly using Bloomberg can expect to see broker ads. Farmers regularly using Cattle Manager, will be targeted with milk wholesalers and anyone over the age of 12 regularly using Candy Crush, will be fair game for every self-help guru on the internet.

Google are also working with App developers to entice users back into apps they have not used recently. 80% of app downloads don’t last a week before they are dropped from use and deleted. This is going to be a very strong market for takeaway meal apps that can target users at their most hungry and lazy.

In app analytics are also on the agenda. Understanding a user’s usage and in app buying cycle will provide insight into how to enhance UX and ultimately sales.

Again we are looking at evolution over revolution, as these changes will be targeted at Android devices first, followed by release on all the major platforms.

The changes announced today are going to provide some big opportunities for the early adopters, and some big challenges for those that miss the boat. If you want to revolutionise your approach to digital marketing, talk to us today on 02921 167 960 or drop us a note to arrange a call back. Don’t be a dodo.

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