Amazon is now testing Product Listing Ads in Google AdWords

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Amazon is now testing Product Listing Ads in Google AdWords

For the first time since Google Product Search became a paid feature, Amazon is now seemingly testing several Product Listing Ads (PLAs) across the platform.

If you’re new to search engine marketing, Google’s Product Search was originally an organic search tool, meaning it was free and frequently used by Amazon. In 2012, however, PLAs became a paid-for feature, which resulted in the retailer no longer using them to advertise their products.

As Mark Ballard from Merkle spotted last week, Google now appears to be testing the feature with many of the PLAs appearing in search results for home goods retailers. According to Search Engine Land’s article from last week, these ads are trending up to 25% impression share (putting them in the top 5).

The TJM take: With PLAs typically being the first thing you see when you make a Google search on mobile, we think this is the most likely reason that Amazon has u-turned on its decision to not pay for the Product Search feature.

Though it’s unclear if Amazon will continue to use Google’s PLAs, this would be good news for those that sell their products through Amazon as they’ll no doubt bid high to secure the ‘top spots’ in search results. However, this, combined with the higher quality images and information that tend to come with Amazon’s product pages, could spell out bad news for your Google campaigns.

We can see a threat to smaller online retailers being very likely if Amazon continues to branches into PLAs. For now, we’d advise watching this space…

*Image source: Search Engine Land

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