AdWords Express vs a Managed PPC Account?

AdWords Express vs a Managed PPC Account?


google adwords express v managed ppc

In the last couple months we have had a number of companies talking to us about expanding their PPC campaign and found that they are using AdWords Express alongside a larger marketing campaign because the in house skills aren’t in place. And why not? It’s a great place to start trailing AdWords and working out for yourself what this Goolge advertising they all speak of is all about.

AdWords Express offers quite simply the most basics tools required to get started with advertising on Google, but does not allow you to take full advantage of the targeting options that are actually available and that make online advertising such the worthwhile investment.

So let’s have a look at what a managed AdWords campaign offers that an AdWords Express account wouldn’t.

 Tracking Conversions

Being able to track which keywords convert and which don't is vital to the success of your PPC campaign.

Much better control over audience targeting

A managed AdWords account can target precisely a particular audience, for example target down to postcode level, use a radius of any given number of miles around a city centre and exclude unwanted zones are all features that are available in a managed AdWords account.

Full control over keyword selections and ad negative keywords

AdWords Express can't offer specific keyword targeting. Each keyword is set to broad match only and you cannot see what keywords you are showing up for. Broad match is a great feature in AdWords if used properly, but this requires maintenance and being able to see which search terms you appear for. For example, your keywords may be showing up for job related searches and anyone clicking on your adverts looking for a job could be just wasted spend!

Ability to specify device, times of day and network

Some companies thrive on mobile campaigns and generate the majority of their sales conversions through phone calls directly from mobile searches. Others find users don't wish to purchase on mobile and prefer to buy from a pc or tablet when for example they have time to get their credit card details ready. Adwords express accounts force you to pay for both types of advertising and don't offer the user a choice of testing which one works best for their company.

Ability to track which adverts and keywords convert

Optimising and adjusting adverts to meet your audience search terms and relaying a message that is engaging yet attractive to users in the right buying cycle can only properly be achieved through testing adverts against each other and seeing which ones convert best for the business. In AdWords Express you aren’t given the data required to make these decisions or truly analyse the performance of your adverts.

Ability to view key metrics which influence quality score

Quality Score is one of the key variables that influences how much you pay each time a search is performed, yet this information is not available in AdWords Express. Quality Score may not be everything, but being able to optimise your account to improve it will certainly help reduce costs and allow you to spend your budget on relevant search terms.

The ability to avoid potentially irrelevant targeting & wasted spend

Probably the biggest asset to any AdWords account would be the management expertise put behind it. Implementing best practice from creating the account to implementing advanced features such as Shopping Listing Ads and Remarketing can ensure that analysing and optimising your account can give you the most from your advertising campaign.

All the differences above allow you to be more relevant to searches made and give the opportunity to be as accurate as possible with your keyword choices. The aim is a great first impression for potential customers because your landing page is relevant to their search and you’re feeding your target market exactly what they’re looking for.

On the flip side what you get out of this is a huge improvement on ROI, an enquiry that is likely to convert and at the end of the day, an opportunity to make that next sale.

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