Facebook releases new features to identify fake news on the platform

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Facebook releases new features to identify fake news on the platform

A few weeks ago, we reported that fake news publishers would no longer be allowed to use Facebook and Google’s ad-selling services.

Following the original announcement, Facebook has revealed that they will be going one step further by testing several updates to prevent misleading news articles being shared on the platform.

According to Facebook’s Newsroom article, testing these features is just the first step in improving the experience for their users.

The new features include:

  • Easier reporting – users can now click on the right-hand corner of a post to report a misleading or false news story.
  • Third-party fact checking – Facebook will use reports and other signals to send stories to third-party organisations. These organisations (which are signatories of the Poynter’s International Fact Checking Code of Principles) will then be able to determine if a story is false and it will be ‘flagged’ as disputed by third-story fact checkers.
  • Informed sharing – if an article is less likely to be shared after being read, it may be misleading. Facebook will be testing a signal that lets others know that a story is likely to be fake.
  • Disputing financial incentives – Facebook will be further reducing financial incentives for fake news publishers by eliminating the ability to spoof domains.

The TJM take: Although we doubt that fake news will be eliminated entirely (see our previous report on fake news for a prime example), we can see these new features being quite effective in identifying the stories that are likely to be false.

We’re keen to see how accurate these can be over the coming weeks!

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