Tech Treats: 16.05.16

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Google bans ads for payday loans

From 13th July, Google will be banning the advertisement of payday loans and related products across its ad networks. The ban will be enforced worldwide and will apply to any payday loan product where repayment is required within 60 days of issue.

In the US, the ban will also extend to ads for any loan that has an APR of 36% or more. However, paid ads for the likes of guarantor loans and longer-term subprime loans will still be allowed in the UK.

Google has said the aim of the new policy is to protect users from debt. This is no doubt a good thing, but ignites debates about the extent to which media companies should be moral arbiters. Last week we saw that Facebook’s Trending Topics avoided linking from particular websites, leading to claims that conservative news topics were being restricted.

The TJM take: Although the payday loan industry does include bottom feeding scum-sucking algae eaters (thank you Duke Nukem), there are some well-run companies that  Provide an alternative to unregulated lenders and loan sharks

The real warning here is for all businesses diversify your lead sources!

Google introduces mobile updates with AdWords Editor 11.4

Earlier this month, Google announced the release of AdWords Editor 11.4. This latest version includes mobile updates, frequency capping and new review extensions.

With frequency capping, you can limit the amount of times your ad appears to the same person, while app extensions allow you to link to your app from your text ad.

New review extensions and mobile app install campaigns also enable advertisers to include third party reviews in text ads and promote apps across the Display Network.

The TJM take: Google is continuing to place more focus on mobile.

The third party reviews will prove to be a very useful feature for those that have invested in a non-Google review platform- people trust reviews!

Calculations made simple: Google introduces new attribution model options

Google has announced the release of new attribution modelling options at the end of this month. In addition to linear, last click, first click, time decay, and position-based, the new ‘data-driven’ options looks very cool – albeit requiring 20k clicks and 800 conversions per month.

The TJM take: Head for the hills folks, machine learning is here! This looks very smart and means that companies can start optimising further down the funnel.

…and one last thing to note: CloudFlare is activating HTTP/2

On 31st May, CloudFlare, a start-up that handles as much as 10% of the internet, will be switching their navigational protocol to HTTP/2. Although this won’t directly affect our clients, the end result will be faster loading speeds across the internet, as well as more interactive content and apps.

More information can be found on the blog and this article from Business Insider UK.

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