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Bidding on Long Term Value

Bidding on Long Term Value Online bidding for position on Google or Bing’s advertising platforms is very close to the economic theory of a perfect market.  There are low barriers to entry, there are a large number of buyers and sellers, there are great sources of information, and there are no economies of scale within…
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Is Google’s Call tracking a PPC game changer?

Is Google’s Call tracking a PPC game changer? Google’s recent announcement to enable call tracking is allowing Google AdWords customers to identify which advert and keyword combination was used to find them – even if the customer called in. At Traffic Jam Media, we think this is a must have for most businesses – but…
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Why should you use conversion tracking in digital media?

What is conversion tracking? Conversion codes are added to specific landing pages to count the amount of times someone converts from an advert. - A way of seeing what happens after a customer clicks on your ad. Decide what you want to count as a conversion - conversion tracking can track a page view for…
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